audio-board maxi

"The conductor - uncompromised aural outpouring"
The ultimate board for large audio devices. For vinyl-turners, tube components, preamplifiers, amplifiers and tape machines.

Handcrafted production
TonTrä stands are manufactured to the highest precision.
All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop. [MORE]

Resonance dissipation and decoupling
The sound carrier audio-boards consist of two parts, the frame construction and the detachable Tone Deck. Extended tenons on the frame structure absorb resonance and decouple the audio boards from external influences. [MORE]

All of our audio-boards are stackable and can be combined individually: they can be put together according to your needs and coordinated to existing audio components. [MORE]

Frame construction - solid wood.
Tone Deck - veneered multilayer carrier plate.

We use selected high quality raw materials for our sound furniture.The processed wood comes exclusively from local forests with FSC-certified logging and responsible forest management.

Multilayer surface coating
The surface is made with natural oils and pigments in several processing steps. [MORE]

Plastic and metal free
TonTrä deliberately avoids the use of metal or plastic elements.

TonTräger audio-boards come ready assembled

® registered design

The reference stands are available in five different types of wood:


image hifi, Christian Bayer, issue 1/2017
…on the TonTräger audio-boards, compared with solid, heavy surfaces, there’s a clear improvement in the sound quality: airy, light and free, almost as though the equipment is floating and so too is the music…." [MORE]

Customer feedback:
"Fascinating and amazing at the same time. How clean the audio-boards are finished and how beautifully the music plays on them!"
weight:5,4 kg
height:45 cm
size:72 x 45 cm
clearance for audio components:38 x 64 cm