Die Master craftsmanship and attention to detail make the sound carrier audio-boards unique. With their sophisticated functionality and characteristic design, the audio-boards provide an aesthetic and acoustic delight. The frame construction is filigree and open. Straight lines determine the visual impression of the audio-boards.

The audio-boards feature an ingenious stacking function, which allows the user to create individual combinations. Towers, bridges and stairs can be designed freely. Three different width formats are available, meaning the audio-boards can be placed inside one another.

The TonTräger audio-boards create a superior listening experience characterized by perfect tonality, rich auditory sound range, clearly differentiated resolution and a clean dynamic music playback.



  • All TonTrä products are manufactured in an artisanal, traditional way.
  • Classic wooden joints are used.
  • The audio-board frame is developed on the principle of light-weight construction.
  • A contoured sound image is the result of the light-weight construction.
  • The TonTräger audio-boards consist of two parts, the frame construction and the ToneDeck.
  • There are no protruding parts. All construction elements are flush with each other. 

Extended Tenons

  • The frames of the audio boards are joined with a mortise and tenon joint.
  • The so-called "extended tenons" are evolved out of the wood connection to form four decoupling feet at the base of the frame.


  • The ToneDeck is made of a multilayer carrier plate.
  • The carrier plate is covered with a real wood veneer.
  • The ToneDeck is removable and decoupled from the rest of the frame by a surrounding shadow gap.          
  • For decoupling there are four ToneHumps, worked into the frame construction, which carry the ToneDeck.
  • There are no other points of contact with the rest of the design.
  • The defined, decoupled ToneDeck offers extremely good detail and precision in sound.

Stacking Function

  • The dimensions of the audio-boards follow a series of numbers, which makes it possible to stack all the available models in many different combinations to the same height level.
  • Centered in each tenon, both above and below, is a spherical bore.
  • Above each sphere is firmly glued in place. The result is a fit that ensures safe stacking of the individual audio-board elements.

Material Wood

  • The material wood is unsurpassed in the sum of its sonic characteristics and is ideally suited to the construction of sound furniture.
  • Vibrations are particularly well absorbed.
  • The wooden frame leads to high transparency.


  • The TonTrä logo is made of high quality brass.
  • The TonTräger column is cut out using Microcut waterjet technology.


  • The elaborately finished surface is purpose-designed by TonTrä
  • Pigments and solvent-free natural oils are applied by hand in several painstaking steps. The result is a durable, tactile and visually appealing surface.
  • Through the deep black, silky, lustrous finish, the distinctive wood grain is still preserved.