Reference C7

"Upon a TonTrä stand you will experience your HARBETH C7 in a completely new light.“

Handcrafted production
TonTrä stands are manufactured to the highest precision.
All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop. [MORE]

Resonance dissipation and decoupling
Extended tenons allow direct absorption of cabinet resonances and decouple the speaker from the ground. [MORE]

We use specially selected high quality raw materials for our sound furniture.

Solid wood
We only use wood from FSC-certified local forests.

Multilayer surface coating
Surfaces are coated with natural oils and pigments in several processing steps. [MORE]

Plastic and metal free
TonTrä deliberately avoids the use of metal or plastic elements.

TonTrä stands come ready assembled

® registered design

The reference stands are available in five different types of wood:

Currently only available in beech, natural beech and walnut.

Technical Datas
weight:2,7 kg
height:52 cm


image hifi, Christian Bayer, Ausgabe 4/2015
"... How do the Super HL5plus speakers sound? Before we can find out, we need stands. And the team from Hifi auf dem Bauernhof has achieved a complete success. With their reference stands they have not only delivered a visual masterpiece. Above all they display a unique sense of functionality, reminiscent of a typically British style of design..." [MORE]

René van Es | September 2015 |
"... A highly recommended stand if you own a pair of Harbeths and want to hear all of their capabilities. What makes the TonTräger different? It is not a stand specially made for bass, detail, midrange, speed, dynamics, high notes or whatever, it is a stand to support all the virtues of Harbeth speakers without adding any character of its own, you can’t ask more of a stand..." [MORE]