magic cubes

"Magical sound artist - small tweak, huge results“

Handcrafted production
TonTrä magic cubes are manufactured to the highest precision.
All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop. [MORE]

Resonance dissipation and decoupling
To dissipate resonances and to decouple your audio components. [MORE]

Audio Tuning
To optimize your music system

We use only wood from local forests with responsible forest management. [MORE]

6 pcs. magic cubes in a little cotton bag (organic & fairtrade)
weight:0,02 kg
size:4x2,5 cm


Customer review:
"... How wonderful music can sound... And this sound elevation based only on MAGIC CUBES? - I am astounded! So much more detail and resolution without being intrusive. An enormous tonal depth on stage with improved audibility. Instruments get more space and air around them. Voices are also clearer and easier to understand. The music gets a bass dynamic that leaves one speechless...bone dry, rock hard, perfectly clean and unbelievably fast...THANK YOU for this great improvement to my music system!"